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New one to lj =]

'ello! I'm a lvl 27 (turning 28 in only a couple xp) female orc hunter with two pets (Precious, lvl 26 Bloodtallon raptor and Hoshiko, a lvl 25 wind serpent). I've been playing WoW for a month now, challenging myself to at least reach lvl 30 by the end of October. I'm currently in now guild (am an ex-member of the High Crusade. Left because it's dead.)
I play WoW because the first MMO I played was a piece of crap(/em coughs in hand; FF11)so my bf advised me to play it, now I'm an addicted to it.
Oh, yeah, and I hate the Alliance.
Cool, eh? =O
Thank you. ^^

btw, my name is Kotoko
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